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Welcome to Country Huts on the Wolds

Thank you for booking to stay at Country Huts on the Wolds.  The Shepherds Huts are a family farm diversification run by Gilda and Charles and daughters Charlotte and Emma. Below you will find some information about how to find the huts.  We are operating a contactless check in and again the details of this can be found in this information.  After reading this, if you have any questions, or in case of emergency, please contact us on the numbers at the bottom of this webpage.

Access The Huts
Wicket and Wool Hut are located in the Cricket Field in the village of Thixendale (YO17 9TG).  The Cricket Field is located at the east end of the village and can be accessed by car.

Please arrive after 4pm when everything will be prepared for your stay. 

When you get to the village please turn down the road with the dead end sign and the first Country Huts on the Wolds sign, past the pub. The road merges onto a private track.

Go through the wooden gate and turn right into the gated car park area.  Please park your car in front of the sign for your hut, ensuring that all the gates have been closed properly.  If a cricket match is taking place either on arrival or during your stay, please park with the other cricket cars - just in case anyone has a particularly good slog!  A list of home cricket fixtures can be found here - there may be additional fixtures depending on the progress of the team through The Cup!

Please leave your car in the car park and do not drive to the hut.

Head through the gate and walk up the outfield of the cricket pitch until you reach the huts. You will arrive at Wool Hut first and you will see Wicket Hut further ahead.


Check in/Check out

Check in is from 4pm on the day of arrival.  Please check out by 10am on your day of departure.  We are operating a self-check in process and the instructions are below.

Each hut has a black key safe located on the wall of the veranda (on the right as you look at the doors).  You will be emailed the key safe punch code 2 days ahead of your stay.  When you leave, please lock the door and replace the key in the key safe.

1. Locate key safe.

2.Open black case by pulling down from the top.

3.Input punch code and pull the arrow down.

4. Remove key and insert into lock on door.

All lights are located just inside the door near the bed, there is a short delay between pressing the switch and the light turning on.

Should you need it, a fire exstinguisher is located under the bed.  A mini first aid kit, as well as some cleaning materials can be found in the cupboard under the sink.


Inside the Huts

Inside the huts you will see the King size bed to the left as you enter through the doors.

A table and two benches pull out on back casters from under the bed (lift the front slightly to engage casters).  The benches have lift off lids so you can use them for storage, they also act as a step up onto the bed.  There is an under bed cupboard where you will find the fire exstinguisher and can also be used for storage.

In the kitchenette we will provide the following;

Crockery - dinner plates, side plates, bowls, egg cups, tea cups and saucers, mugs

Cutlery - knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons

Wine glasses, tumblers, champagne glasses

Cooking utensils and fairy liquid

Frying pan, large and small saucepan, colander, oven shelf and tray

Oven gloves, tea towels

Yorkshire tea, coffee (ground and instant), milk, sugar

Bread, butter and salt and pepper

There is an ice tray in the freezer compartment of the fridge

Chopping board and bread board

Placemats and coasters

There is a bin in the hut, if you have any additional rubbish please leave it near the bin when you leave.

You will find a black tray just outside the huts to keep your outside boots in.

Each hut contains a smoke/carbon monoxide alarm.  A fire exstinguisher is located in the cupboard under the bed and a small first aid kit is in the undersink cupboard.

Please do not tackle a fire if you think it is unsafe to do so.  Leave the hut immediately and call 999.

Call either Gilda (07824 312514) or Charlotte (07977 903898

No smoking in the huts or on the veranda.

Phone Signal and Wi-Fi

Mobile signal can vary but if you are supported by the EE network you *should* have signal.


Both huts have Wi-Fi, please log on as follows;

Wicket Hut - connect to 'Wicket Hut Wi-Fi'.  The password is Boycott100

Wool Hut - connect to 'Wool Hut Wi-Fi'.  The password is Fleece100



When using the shower, please ensure that out side the bathroom, the top switch is switched down and the right hand switch below is also pressed down.  Both switches need to be pressed down in order to make the fan work as pictured.

country huts

Please do not put anything other than toilet paper down the loo, a bin is provided.

Liquid hand soap will be in the bathroom.


Using The Log Burner

You will find a basket of sticks and logs next to the log burner, along with firelighters and matches.

Ensure that all the air inlets are fully open.

Construct a pile of kindling in the middle of the grate and light with a firelighter, then close the door.

After a few minutes add about three larger pieces of wood.

Once the fire is established close the air vent by moving the lower knob (at the bottom of the door) to the left.

Please always wear the glove provided when opening the door or touching the knobs.

If you require more logs during your stay please use the contact information below and we will leave them at your hut.

There is no need to clean out the ashes from the fire.

  • Never leave the door open

  • Never put anything, including matches and firelighters ontop of the wood burner.

  • Only use the wood provided - do not burn anything else.

  • Do not leave the lit wood burner unattended.

  • Ensure children are supervised at all times while the wood burner is lit and hot.


Using The Oven and Hob

The hob is an electric induction hob.  Press the power button on the right hand side.  Place your pan on the ring you wish to use and press the corresponding ring button.  You can then increase or decrease the heat as you wish using the + or - buttons.

Please note, the pan must be placed on the ring in order for it to work.

Once you have finished cooking, the hob will be hot but not lit up.  The letter 'H' will flash until it has cooled down.

Please do not put anything on top of the hob unless you are cooking.

If the letters 'Lo' are displayed, please press and hold the key for 5 seconds.

The Oven uses two controls.  The left hand control operates the temperature and the right hand control operates the cooking function.

To turn the oven on press the right hand control and turn to the right to choose your cooking function.  Once selected, press the left hand control until the temperature flashes and turn the control until you have the desired temperature.

The digital display between the controls will inform you of cooking function and temperature.

If the key symbol is displayed, please press and hold the left hand knob for 5 seconds.

In order to turn off the cooker press and hold the right control until it turns off.

More information about cooking functions will be found in the hut.


Using the Firepit/BBQ

Similar to the log burner, build a small fire using a firelighter before putting bigger logs on.  You will find sticks and logs in a black tray under the decking.

Always wear gloves when using the firepit/BBQ

Please use the BBQ utensils provided for cooking your food and ensure that everything is cooked through before eating!

Do not leave the fire unattended and ensure children are supervised at all times.

In dry weather please take extra care with sparks.


Contact Us

We hope you have a lovely stay at Country Huts on the Wolds.  If you need anything during your stay, please try the following numbers;


Gilda - 07824 312514 or visit Manor Farm at the other end of the village.

Charlotte - 07977 903898 or visit Shellden, the first bungalow past the thatched cottage.

or email 

Country Huts
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