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A Taste of Spring and Cricket

We've had some mixed weather. It's been cold but fortunately the warmer days are lasting longer than the cool ones and today has been one of those days that just makes you happy to be in Thixendale.

Spring and in particular, May, is one of my favourite seasons/months. The scent from the hedgerows is mind blowing, the almond like smell is starting to come through as the hawthorne bushes slowly begin to bloom. Beautiful, perfectly formed flowers, which look as gorgeous as they smell.

May 14th is also our first anniversary! We'll be having some cake to celebrate - any excuse! Hopefully the hut cake baker (my sister, Emma) will be able to supply us. I always find leaving that delicious Victoria sponge in the huts the hardest part of the hut preparation! Follow us on social media for some birthday surprises! We have accounts on Facebook and Instagram, so give us a follow.

The sun was up early and there's a soothing gentle heat in it. Walking down the street to take the children to the school taxi and everything was so still and colours so vibrant. The birds were twittering away, calling to one another. There are so many different bird songs and I must admit I'm not very good at matching the calls to the birds but they sound so optimistic and it puts a spring in your step. They are also very good at making a lot of noise but keeping a low profile so you can't really see them. The huts are privy to their own feathered guests as well.

A bird sits in the hut
A bird sits in the hut

Warm weather is exactly what is needed for the ewes and lambs right now. We have just about finished lambing so they are all turned out in the fields and the lambs can be seen gamboling along, playing with each other, annoying their mothers and getting braver every day as they venture a bit further away from them. The cricket field is full of ewes and lambs so you will certainly be entertained by them if you're staying in the huts.

Ewes and lambs enjoying the spring grass and sunshine
Ewes and lambs enjoying the spring grass and sunshine

It's also perfect for the cricket season which has just started and Thixendale won their first home game on Saturday! We've moved up a league this year and seem to be playing more local teams. You can find the full fixture list here.

I'm delighted to be able to tell you that Thixendale won their first game against Ebberston, though I'm not sure our guests that stayed this weekend will share my delight - being lifelong Ebberstonians and having played for the team, their stay was booked to coincide with the game. Despite the result they enjoyed themselves and their daughter kindly left us a great review on our Facebook page.

If village cricket is your thing, then you know what to do!

We have also started a mailing list for an e-newsletter, so if you would like to find out what's happening in our beautiful part of the Wolds in North Yorkshire or you want some useful hints and tips for your stay then sign up. As an added bonus you will get a code for a 10% discount on your next booking!

There's a busy few weeks ahead, including a collaborative photo shoot - more about this next month, and some availability for the May half-term holidays and Jubilee weekend so take a look at the calendar and book that well earned, relaxing staycation. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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