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Hello 2023!

Oh dear - it's been some time since I blogged. When I started this I felt a monthly commitment was achievable and really it should be, but I'm afraid I've rather neglected the news updates. In fairness there has been a lot going on but rest assured the rustic huts are still in place and waiting to see you!

It's wonderful to see how the huts are maturing into their surroundings. It's like they have always been here! The flora and fauna is growing around them and bedding them in. We got some new furniture for the veranda which is a wonderful place to enjoy a morning coffee, or evening aperitif as the sun goes down and the croquet set at Wicket Hut has provided some light, if rather competitive entertainment among families.

We were delighted to sponsor the Go Racing In Yorkshire best dressed final and offer our huge congratulations to the winner, Katie Newsam. Katie won the best dressed competition at Doncaster before going on to be voted the winner across the nine Yorkshire courses. She is coming to visit us later in Spring as part of her prize and we can't wait to welcome her! Katie had made her own outfit and styled it beautifully. After all that effort she deserves a relaxing stay at the huts.

Picture credit: Hannah Ali

We were delighted to welcome guests to stay with us over Christmas and the New Year. One question we often get asked is, "when do you close?" Well the answer to that is we don't!

With gas central heating and 7kw log burners, plus an incredibly well insulated structure, as well as being on mains electricity, the huts are always ready to go.

It's great to be able to say that we now have some "regulars", one couple booked a weekend away ahead of the Christmas frenzy and brought all their Christmas presents to wrap and chill out before the madness began! We're taking a leaf out of their book for next year! Other guests used the huts to visit the Christmas markets in York and enjoy some of the circular walks.

Decorating and getting ready for Christmas is where mum comes in to her element - she's pretty good at it! Her homemade wreaths are the envy of all of us and she puts just the right amount of "Christmas" in place without hindering space or use.

The New Years Eve guests just took the time to chill out and relax after a busy period, enjoying the peace and quiet that Thixendale has to offer.

We've had some pretty cold weather recently, but I think this is often when Thixendale is at its best. It's like someone sprinkled glitter across the dale sides as the frost sharpens across the grass, trees and branches. The colours change and it offers a feeling of tranquility, peace and calm. Once all the jobs are done there is nothing I like more than settling in front of the fire with a hot chocolate and a film. I've usually got some knitting or something crafty on the go too and it's great to take a moment before the next task needs to be done, whether that be something at home or with the animals on the farm.

Talking about the farm it's getting to the busy period with the sheep. The tups have been in and done their job (so to speak!) so we have to look after the ewes now, ensuring that they have enough to eat, supplementing their diet while there is a bit less nutrition in the grass. In preparation, the sheep folds are being set up in the cover crops and everything will, in time, start to move closer to the farm before they all come in to the sheds for lambing in April. Hopefully the timings will have worked out as we're due to have a trip out to York Blues Festival right at the beginning of the month before the social sacrifice begins!

So my New Years Resolution is to blog monthly and keep at it! Do get in touch if there is anything specific you would like to hear about and if you fancy a cheeky get away to reset for the year ahead then you can book now on our website.

Plus I've got one piece of good news to sign off with - we've heard on very good authority that after the landlord of 35 years very deservingly retired, the village pub is due to open again in April. So if you would like to see lambs gambolling in the fields and be able to walk for a drink or meal then fingers crossed everything will be in place by then.

Hope to see you soon!

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