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Spring Is In The Air - Well Glimmers Of It!

I'm sorry that I always seem to start a blog post with a weather reference but in my defence I can't help it, being the daughter of and married to a farmer, plus working in the horse racing industry it's kind of in my DNA and is a constant subject whether at work or at home. So while it doesn't feel like we are truly out of the grip of winter we have had some of my favourite weather days, which start with a crisp frost that quickly turns into blue skies and bright sunshine, until the evenings draw in quite quickly to remind you not to be lulled into a false sense of security!

On the plus side, the snowdrops are just beginning to peep through and they really do make you smile. Mum is rather green fingered and planted the snowdrops from her own garden last year. For those visiting towards the end of March and into April you will catch the daffodils that she planted around the trees too. She is responsible for the topiary and the beautiful fresh flowers you will find in the huts on your arrival, that change with the seasons. There is something about a colourful petal that just puts you in a good frame of mind, especially if you are coming on holiday!

There's some good news - not just for guests, but for villagers too as the local pub is due to open again in April. We'll bring you more details when we have them but it does mean that if your idea of a holiday is ignoring the full size smeg oven in the hut, then your evening meal is only a short stroll away. In the meantime, we are very lucky to have a number of great pubs and restaurants only a short drive away and you can find more details on our 'round about page'.

On the farming front, the pregnant ewes were scanned last week and let's just say it's going to be a very busy time in April! While we have got some bookings in April, Easter weekend in Wicket Hut - perfect for families as it sleeps four, two in a Kingsize bed and two in full size bunk beds, is currently free, so if you would like to wake up and see lambs out of your window on the other side of the cricket pitch then book in now! (If you wake up and the lambs are literally outside your window then please let us know as clearly there is a problem with the fence 🤣)

Joking aside, there's a lot of fencing work going on at the moment, both on our farm and fulfilling requests from neighbouring farms. Winter is a good time for catching up with maintenance jobs so new posts have been brayed into the ground, ensuring that the fields remain safe and stockproof.

The lighter mornings mean that the the songbirds are starting to sing as the daily alarm goes off and how refreshing it is to wake up to that sweet sound. You might spot some garden birds on the feeders hanging from the trees. Buzzards, Red Kites and Barn Owls are also common sights so keep your eyes peeled.

The cricket fixtures for this year haven't been confirmed yet but as soon as we have them I'll update the website as I know that some of you like to plan to visit for certain matches. If you hear people shouting for 'crack' don't be alarmed, it's the nickname for Thixendale, due to the Yorkshire Wolds steep dale sides making it look like a crack in the landscape! Every day is a school day!

Every village in the area used to have a cricket time but sadly this is one of the traditions that has been lost to some villages, so it is great that the sport can continue down here. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a full team of 11 together, so if you are any good at the sport (or even if you're not!) pack your whites just in case!

So I've managed to keep my New Year's Resolution for the second month in a row, here's hoping it can continue! If you have any questions or if there is anything specific that you would like to hear about please do comment below. Until March!

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