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Tales From The Huts

Well here we go, first blog so I thought the most sensible thing to do was start with an introduction.

So how did it all begin? My family has lived and farmed in Thixendale since the 1930's. My twin sister and I are the third generation to be involved in the farm and Country Huts on the Wolds is very much a family venture, mum, dad, sister and me and our children 'help' out when they can.

Although Country Huts on the Wolds is a new business for us, providing accommodation is certainly not something we are new to. Ever since she married my Dad, Mum has always done bed and breakfast, firstly from the cottage in the village that they lived in before moving up to the farm.

Located in the middle of the stunning Yorkshire Wolds and right on the routes of the Wolds Way and Centenary Way, with loads of circular walks in the vicinity, Thixendale has always been popular with tourists and walkers. There was always a fresh pair of walking boots drying out by the Aga and another friendly face to say hello to as you walked through the house.

Having done this for 35 years, mum wanted a change of direction. She knew that there was still a need for accommodation and the setting of the unique valley of Thixendale could offer something different. Following some extensive research, she set her heart on traditional style self-catering Shepherds Huts. Dad was fully on board, as were my sister and I so we set about creating Country Huts on the Wolds.

Fortunately, the plans were well underway before Covid hit, but it did slow things down a little as we had to wait before we could officially open, but in the background the planning application has been approved, much of the digging, fencing and preparation work was carried out by Dad and the two men who work on the farm (one of which is my husband!) and finally we were ready to put the huts in place.

Well as usual in farming, the weather was the most challenging factor. The initial plan was to crane the huts into place, but following heavy overnight rain, the ground was not solid enough to support the crane. Plan B was put into action and the huts were unloaded at the farm until the ground had dried up enough to drive them into place. Buffer, was given this task, his tractor driving skills are top notch and he was able to manoeuvre the huts in place, navigating the trees and low hanging branches.

So with the two huts in place and lambing about to start we had to get the major operations out of the way as we knew that Dad would be out of action for the next month at least.

Mum and I set off on a shopping trip to equip the huts with everything they need. Enjoying self-catering holidays and with her bed and breakfast experience mum knew exactly what was needed and between Malton and York we were able to get everything we needed.

So that's the team! Among our day jobs we run Country Huts on the Wolds. You'll find Dad changing the gas bottles and looking after the manual tasks. Mum and I have refined the techniques for changing the beds and cleaning, while my sister looks after the books and bake cakes. That being said, we all pitch in to everything that needs doing and Uncle Adrian, the volunteer groundsman of the cricket club cuts the grass when he's preparing the wicket for matches - a very important job, for which we're very grateful!

Mum is the most creative, loves her gardening and once the huts are all ship shape, ready for guests, she spends time tinkering, arranging flowers, re-organising shelves to make everything aesthetically pleasing and we all just want guests to walk up the steps, open the door and go "wow"!

Keep checking back to hear about more life on the farm and we'll share some of our favourite places to visit with you.

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